JK ? Who is that ???

Hi, on this page you will find some facts about me...

The guy on the right, that's me...

By the way, i have got a Webcam too... There you have a big chance to see another picture of me...
Jörg Keller
Here you can see whether i am right now On- oder Offline:
(This works with ICQ. My ICQ-Number is: 12387221)

I was born during the last millenium. It was during the year 1964 to be precise.
It's only days until my next birthday.
(I'm looking forward for all the presents i will get from you folks!)

Beside my hobbies i have to work too. I have a job in the chemical Industry in Basel.

What i am doing during the rest of my time, you should find out by studing these webpages.

One more thing i have to say: Please excuse my poor english!!!
Ok, this must be enough for the moment!